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And though the tune has been popularized by the exhibition basketball team, the lyrical version has been covered by the likes of Ethel WatersThe Beatles and the Grateful Dead. Taken from an even earlier German tango, his slow, sad ballad told the tale of a young French war hero who has fallen on hard times and can only find a living as an escort.

Settling into Los Angeles from a life in Canada, Gilder was shocked by all the and year-old girls he witnessed working the corners of Hollywood Boulevard. Narrating from the point of view of a pederast admirer, he transformed this shock into a catchy radio-friendly anthem. The story surrounds a New Orleans hooker who does the same A level Hartford CT escorts to her satisfied clients.

Working for a record company, Summer sent her African-American assistant on an errand, Escort city of Santa Barbara CA when she returned she complained that a police officer mistook her for a prostitute and harassed her.

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Harmonies, a striking guitar solo and even a Escorts service in Oceanside CA combine to illustrate our heroine as a fictional female with truly refined appointments. From the start, we meet a working girl dancing in a bar, and what follows is enough innuendo to get the song banned from the set list when The Stones performed in China. And while the call girl and boy creations found in the other songs on this list are mostly fictional, here they are real, and infamous.

And here, it easily tops the very best songs about prostitutes.

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Everyone loves a good prostitute. Despite their criminality and propensity to transmit STIs, prostitutes live very colorful lives and are always down to have sex right when you need it.

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Those reasons and others have made them frequent subjects of our Naperville IL teen prostitution songs. Sex-working ladies, men and sometimes those of indeterminable gender all have graced the lyrics from our favorite musical artists. Here, we rank the 10 best.

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