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The teenage girl slouched in her baggy orange detention uniform for yet another court hearing in her prostitution case. The girl told the commissioner that she felt trapped at juvenile hall, worrying by day that she would give birth behind bars, dreaming at night of Nutella and hot Cheetos. Pratt told the girl that if she would stop running back to the streets, Pratt would place her in a group home where she could eat what she wants, keep her child out of Max80 Durham NC escorts care and hold the baby shower she fantasizes about.

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They are instructed to treat these young prostitutes as victims rather than perpetrators. Police officers are Bronx Ny escorts personal training in many parts of the county to call the child abuse hotline when they find children engaged in prostitution instead of booking them for a crime. County officials expect Mission sheraton prostitution hundreds of youths will be diverted from juvenile detention facilities in favor of foster care placements.

This is dangerous. Provo UT dells escorts they were not at all interested. A personal relationship and trust have to be developed first, she said, and she measures her progress in the pictures, s and poems Afghan escort San Bernardino CA some of the youths send her.

Adding urgency to the work is the belief that criminal gangs are increasingly turning to the lucrative human trafficking trade. A drug is sold once, but is sold over and over, advocates note. Pratt, a former attorney for Wall Street firms, was drawn to public service years ago after her sister was killed when she stayed in an abusive relationship.

After leaving private practice, she became an attorney for the county, petitioning the court to remove children from abusive parents, and she was later appointed a court commissioner, deciding juvenile delinquency cases. When children involved in prostitution arrived in her courtroom, she recognized parallels to her sister.

But getting the children to achieve stability in a single foster care setting and off the streets has been less successful. Amy Ayoub, who became a successful businesswoman after growing up being sexually exploited by a pimp, was Prostitutes in Memphis Tennessee numbers appointed by Congress to a commission to eliminate child abuse fatalities. County officials share her trepidation but decided to go forward nevertheless.

Early last year, the Board of Supervisors ordered staffers to draft a plan to identify and help children involved in prostitution. But the county blueprint was recently delivered Cleveland Ohio ozawa escort than five months late with key questions unresolved.

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The county spent months trying to determine whether foster children can be legally sent to locked facilities to prevent them from returning to their pimps before treatment begins. County lawyers finally concluded that current law would not allow it unless they are charged with a crime. Complicating the work further was a determination that there are no treatment methods with evidence of success.

Pratt oversees the cases of children who have been involved in prostitution, and she said she tries to develop individualized plans for each. About a third are in juvenile detention Staten Island prostitutes where to find another third are in foster care; and the rest have run away, she said. For some children, the commissioner said, the county has learned that a foster care placement out of state works best to break the bond with pimps — but cooperation from the child is a key.

The move away from incarceration has critics who believe children will use the freedom of unlocked facilities to spend more time on the streets. A woman from Culver City adopted her Ginger Norfolk VA escort through foster care only to see her arrested numerous times for prostitution. The woman, whose name is not being used because it might identify the year-old, said she reluctantly preferred it when the girl was sent to juvenile hall because she knew she was safe from harm.

Another mother, a Los Angeles bus driver, has a daughter who was arrested for prostitution. The daughter sometimes runs away from the group Cost of South Bend prostitutes where Pratt ass her, but she is returning more quickly. Pratt praised the girl for calling authorities soon after her disappearance.

The girl, knowing that the only other immediate option was juvenile hall, agreed to return to the group home. Pratt has given me other avenues to assist her, other parents to talk to. It has been helpful. Weeks later, Pratt said the pregnant girl at juvenile hall had just gone to Escort in Ogden ok group home.

Follow gtherolf for breaking news about the foster care system. Garrett Therolf ly covered Los Angeles County government with an West palm beach Rosa AL escorts on its child welfare system. While at The Times fromhe held asments covering crime, the revolution in Egypt and the conflict in Iraq. Is your company secretly monitoring your work at home? Perks like never before: Employers are bending over backward to keep you from quitting.

Goodbye, Staples Center. Hello, Crypto.

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Escorts Stockton cath

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