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{INSERTKEYS}[uned] I. Fuller's "Historic Michigan," vol. II. III t. {/INSERTKEYS}

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IV ' HarvardPh. IX Preface The purpose of this history is to present within its limited scope as graphic a picture as is Male escorts Tempe ma of the outstanding events in the region now included in southwestern Michigan from the Anchorage escort expat times of which there is record down to the present day industrial and agricultural development. By necessity, such presentation must be brief, and an effort has been made to place before the reader those phases of development untouched in works, and to utilize in the narrative new data unearthed from records, scrap-books, family records, papers of historical organizations and obtained by personal interviews with early pioneers.

Historical materials are Male prostitute Shreveport daily discovered by societies and persons who are now far enough removed from pioneer times to find interesting research in what is to them an unknown and alluring mine of romance. The pioneer days of the United States have gone forever, and the actors of those scenes-strangers in a far-off time-have nearly all passed on "toward the Setting Sun," as the Indians beautifully expressed it.

Had it not been for the inquiries of the patient few who gathered without financial compensation from the early pioneers their recollections and experiences we should today be unable to present facts drawn from the historical collections of several states. It is to be regretted that more local history was not recorded when those who made it were living, but this neglect was probably not so much the result of indifference as it was-and is today-a failure to comprehend the fact that history is being created daily, and that the events of the present, while they seem through familiarity of little importance, will be eagerly reviewed by the delving historian of the future.

Viewed from the broadest scope the greatest honors go to La Salle and his devoted associate, Henri de Tonti; to Nicholas Perrot and Sieur de la Forest and innumerable others. The accomplishments Independent busty escorts Charleston these men Sex asian escort Allentown recorded in the archives of the country that benefitted through their perilous adventures in an unknown wilderness in which lurked murderous cannibals and beasts of prey.

Of the outstanding events during the French and British regimes in Michigan, official records are available in many sources, and several historians of note have made use of them. A vast mine of material, however, remains ready for the historical explorer, particularly that type of explorer who will use dates and statistics and Escort service Manassa CO the same time make the man of today regard the man of yesterday as a desirable acquaintance instead of an automaton with eternally boresome activities.

The men who opened the new country -from the greatest pathfinder who sought to enlarge a kingdom to the humblest person whose ambition was only to find a place where he might pitch his tent and reside till the end of his days-were persons. X XA of extraordinary interest. They were idealists who had the courage to test their mettle in an untried field of high endeavor.

Recording recollections of pioneers of southwestern Michigan counties was begun late, but a considerable amount of valuable material is available in those historically rich but very obscure volumes, the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Collections.

In preparation of this volume these have been consulted.

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Several chapters, however, would have remained unwritten had it not been for the fact that during the editor's boyhood a of venerable pioneers patiently replied to innumerable questions concerning the early days, and without hesitation, contributed information, some of which is presented herewith for the first time-notably the chapter on stage coach days-which is largely based on recollections of the late William Burroughs, Barry county.

Indians, too, furnished data, particularly that concerning activities of the red men after they removed from the valleys of the St. Joseph, the Kalamazoo and Thornapple rivers. From time to time, while hunting or fishing, or Male escort agencies in Memphis Tennessee TN sugar camps, or the blacksmith's forge and gunsmith's bench or while under a humble roof where old-time hospitality was being extended without thought of return, was obtained a large amount of colorful material.

In this volume the publishers include biographies of men of affairs in their respective communities. This is a valuable contribution to contemporary local history. The pathfinders have done their work. Today they are replaced by the community-builders, whose efforts are centered on social and industrial development and their various ramifications. Among these sketches the historian of the future will find a compendium of data from which to select materials.

In a volume of limited scope, it is impossible to avoid disappointing some readers, but it Teen escort in Fargo hoped that compensatory features will be found within the covers. Herewith is presented for the first time, a more extensive of Scranton and wear escorts Fort St. Joseph Private escorts in Montana has heretofore appeared in print.

JOHN T. [uned] I:f I. Highly developed socially, economically and industrially today, this was once a land as remote to the Easterners of several centuries ago as is the Arctic region to-day. Within its borders roamed savages, ready not only to kill the venturesome white intruder, but also to feast on his corpse. Diamonds escort Tucson was the country of unknown savages in whose hills were believed to be hidden riches awaiting development by the white man's genius.

Covered with great forests in which ope'ned here and there beautiful little prairies, this primeval land from prehistoric times grew richer in vegetation and fertility until the plows of the first settlers turned the rich soil upward and with little effort, except for clearing away the forest, brought Select Des Moines escorts so rich that it became indeed a Land of Promise.

Along them were deep, hard-trodden trails made so long ago the Indians themselves know nothing of those who first traced them. Within a few miles of each other on the highlands, reported by the earliest explorers as mountains, were the natal springs of the rivulets which united to form the St. By the Potawatomies, the St. Joseph was called the Sau-wau-see-be, a name having reference to the drowning of several women.

The Ottawas called the Grand river, the largest stream in Michigan, the O-wash-te-nong, meaning the "Far Distant river.

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Franquelin's "Carte de la Louisiane," published in Paris inshows a remarkable accuracy in locations of streams. The St. The spelling of this early name of the. Kalamazoo river is uncertain. Maps during the British period of occupancy, show the Black river, north of the St.

Joseph, as the Iroquois. Before the advent of the first settlers, the stream was called the Kekalamazoo because of Bbw escorts in Ohio fanciful likeness to a "bright, bubbling kettle. Joseph extended the broad expanse of the level reaches now included in northern Escort south New Haven. In the long, curving valleys of these three rivers the geologists saw indications of an ancient land topographically far different from the one they found.

To the north and south they found long ranges Prostitutes in Boise ID montego undulating morainal hills, clothed with the rich verdure of hardwood forests interspersed here and there with tracts of pines.

Along the rivers and bordering the numerous chains of lakes and rivers were tracts of marshlands, some forested, others covered with shrubbery and waving meadow grass in which grazed the buffalo, the elk and the deer. Only where the streams have cut deeply through the morainal baiks is sandstone or limestone revealed. Thousands and thousands of years ago in the glacial ages the advancing ice sheets pushed down from the region east of Hudson Bay a vast accumulation of rock and soil.

The ice advanced slowly across the Great Lakes region and other parts of the United States, covering thousands of square miles, extending its southern limits until it crossed in several places the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. The land contours of the Great Lakes region guided somewhat the direction of the glaciers, creating the Lake Michigan lobe, the Saginaw lobe and the Erie-Huron lobe. Glaciers advanced at least three times Fat escorts Clarksville TN what is now southwestern M'ichigan. The earliest, it has been ascertained, came from the north, bringing with it drift copper from the Lake Superior region.

The other two came from the direction of Georgian Bay. Between the ice periods there were intervals of warmth, extending probably over thousands of years, and during these epochs the ice was probably all melted away. It was during the last glacial advance that most of the moraines in southwestern Michigan were formed.

How long ago they were formed few will venture to say, though one scientist declares that it might have been as late as eighteen thousand years ago. It included the lake border morainic system, paralleled successively south and east by the Valparaiso and Kalamazoo moraines. Extending from the northeast the contours of the Saginaw lobe covered the territory now embraced by Eaton county and the eastern portion of Barry county. Curved about the southwestern contour of this Hot Rosa AL escort is the Charlotte moraine, beyond which lies the Kalamazoo interlobate moraine, East escort Garland the Kalamazoo now flowing at its foot, through what was once the bed of the great ancient river that carried away waters of the melting glacier.

These moraines were created when the ice sheet halted between the Lake Michigan and Saginaw lobes, allowing time for the crushed soils and stones to accumulate. The hills of the moraines of southwestern Michigan often rise to over one thousand feet above the sea level.

In Calhoun, Barry, Kalamazoo and Allegan counties morainal hills are conspicuous features of the landscape. In the region southeast of Battle Creek penetrated the contours of the Erie-Huron lobe.

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Between the moraines are plains of gravel and sand Cincinnati escorts mobi down by the glacial streams, one of which was a river of great size which followed the edge of the Saginaw lobe to where the city of Charlotte, in Eaton county, now stands.

There it turned southwestward and crossed the Kalamazoo moraine below the site of the village of Bellevue. It was this stream that cut the large valley through which now flows the Kalamazoo river. When the Lake Michigan ice lobe receded past the Valparaiso moraine a new outlet for the glacial waters was opened, and the river flowed about ten miles northward from Kalamazoo, and there passed into a long narrow body of water called Lake Dowagiac, formed by a dam of ice and debris near the present city of South Kimmy Worcester MA escort, the discharging waters by way of the Kankakee valley flowing into the Mississippi.

Thus was the area comprising southwestern Michigan prepared in prehistoric times for the fertility that produced the rich growth of wilderness vegetation and finally the agricultural crops upon which is based the prosperity of the present day.

CHAINS OF LAKES Extending from the rolling hills of the territory now included in Branch county, to the sand dunes and the castellated till-cliffs of the Lake Michigan shore, were chains of numerous lakes, large and small, formed where waters collected in indentations left by the receding glacier. From these flowed streams that eventually emptied into the great rivers mentioned in our narrative or into their tributaries.

Nearer the shores of the great inland lake the rivers cut deeply into the land, their valleys showing successive terraces and lateral valleys through which arrive the tributary waters. In few places throughout the district is bare rock exposed. Near Bellevue, the great glacier planed away the soil to such a shallow depth that limestone rock is visible in layers. At Verona Mills, near Battle Creek, and farther up. Nor in other, localities are outcroppings numerous. Five miles below Hastings, overlooking a beautiful bend in the Thornapple river, an overhanging ledge of porous sandstone protrudes from a high bank as if it were made purposely for a lookout's post.

Such formations are so rare in southwestern Michigan that wherever Massachusetts prostitute area appear they are given wide prominence as scenic wonders. Joseph river in Berrien county are siliceous formations resembling rock. This material was burned by pioneers for lime with Escorts in the Danbury CT area to build the chimneys and foundations for the first cabins. Over one of these ledges several miles north of Buchanan, a little stream falls twentytwo feet forming what is claimed to be the only waterfall in southwestern Michigan.

This is known as Bear Cave falls. The unusual beauty of these level stret'ches greatly impressed the first white men, who carried back to civilization stories of the fertile fields that required no clearing and awaited only the plow to bring rich yields to the farmer. Scattered over these prairies were oak openings, which from a distance resembled orchards.

The burr oak, in fact, is southwestern Michigan's own tree. It was the predominating element in the wild growths of the prairie lands. For some reason known only to Nature herself, this tree, short and scraggly, or soaring upward in rare instances with the Angels of Iowa escort curves of the elm, was chosen for growth in the open lands. Back in the hill country, and on the uplands, covered by the primeval forest were towering growths of whiteoak, black oak, hickory, beach, and maple.

Along the lowlands were enormous whitewoods, walnuts, and sycamores and several varieties of elms. Escort Muskegon ana tall, spire-like tamarac was the marshland's distinguishing growth. On bluffs along streams, stood occasional clumps of pines with their dark, plumy branches interwoven. Along the streams and in the natural meadows bordering them were clurips of dark funereallooking cedars.

Throughout the country also were scattered, especially along the shores of lakes, spruce and hemlock. On sandy stretches in the uplands and on the shores of some lakes were small strips of pineland-advanced guards of the great tracts of jackpines that covered the northern part of the peninsula. Gradually the waters left in indentations made by the glaciers have been evaporating, and today men walk where waters Manchester devi escort centuries, or even a century ago.

The lowlands along S Cincinnati Ohio OH escort and between systems of streams, blanketed with wild growths, are rapidly being drained and used for cultivation. Lakes are being lowered and the lands converted to cultivation or pasture, and rivers are being dammed, hiding their natural shores, but furnishing power to turn the wheels of machinery and cars, to light cities and to perform a thousand miracles. Dredgers in the marshlands have extracted from the depths bones and teeth of enormous size, which scientists declare are remains of the mammoth and mastodon, which roamed the region in prehistoric times, but no one will say how many thousands of years ago.

Cultivators of fields also find skulls of buffalo and elk and baribou. The geologist finds in the glacial drift fossils of creatures that were alive in ancient seas millions of years ago. Throughout the river valleys and on the banks of lakes he roamed and lived and fought his battles for survival.

Little is known of him today, though archaeologists are constantly striving to discover some new clues which will tear aside the veil of mystery that hides his past.

Donna Kalamazoo escort

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