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Member. Toggle. Posted by David Wilson. This is a narrative by Bud Wilson discussing past Rotary personalities and their influences on the history of Chula Vista. Bud gave a talk to the Chula Vista Rotary club in February He transcribed into a voice recorder his presentation of February in May This will give another close point of contact for makeup of attendance and extend the idea of service throughout the County.

Hal Hobson, the daddy of this club and other officers who attended this initial meeting, are to be highly commended for their efforts in selling I Lakeland a beautiful person idea and ideals of Rotary to the Chula Vista businessmen. The actual meeting that is referred to took place in the office of Ed Melville in Chula Vista.

His office was at the corner of Third and F street. That building is owned today by a Rotarian and a Kiwanian. They had invited an attorney from San Diego, Harvey Atherton, to come out and talk to them.

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This group of Chula Vista businessmen wanted to get together to form a service club. They were concerned about some of the requirements that Kiwanis had and therefore turned to Hal Hobson of San Diego Rotary to have him explain the Rotary possibility. His Torrance escorts review board has prevailed. Note: This narrative will concentrate primarily on members of Chula Vista Rotary who did not serve the club as president. There are many such members through the Street Birmingham prostitutes of the club who were wonderful participants in developing the city of Chula Vista.

Ed Melville came from Missouri and traded sight unseen for lemon orchards in He began building buildings, including the Security Bank. This was the building in which the group met.

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He acquired large chunks of land around that building which became known as the Melville block. He also acquired land at Fourth and E St. That lumber company property is approximately where the Congregational Tower now stands. All total he was a great Rotarian and great citizen of Chula Vista.

Another charter member was Dr. William McCausland. His son John was a very fine member and president of the Rotary club as was Dr. Many Rotarians were treated at that clinic throughout the years. Gerry Eklund, a member of the clinic, was also a Rotarian, as Lauderdale MN boy prostitutes past president Dr. Tom Bucknell. Note: Due to time restrictions this narrative only goes through the s. Therefore no women will be mentioned because they could not be admitted to Rotary prior to that time.

The s in our club saw the rise of Calvin Lauterbach. He became superintendent of the elementary schools and rapidly made a name for himself. Many schools and parks were named after him. He continued in our club into the s. Lowell Davies, a prominent San Diego attorney who served on the Old Globe board for several years, and in fact the stage at the Old Globe is named for him. John D MacDonald was the superintendent of the high schools. He was a great big fellow, an imposing figure. He was a great speaker. He stepped down as superintendent in Lowell Howe, a local attorney who became judge of the South Bay Court.

He held that position for 38 years. He lived just off Bonita Road on Vista Drive. I got to know him up close and personal when I was towing a boat in and got a ticket and had to go before him. He was a fine man and a great credit to the Rotary club. Escort Topeka slope Ash was another member in that era. He was our first member who went on to High profile Avondale AZ escorts our Rotary District Governor.

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In the s, Dr. Robert Griffin, became president of Cal Western University. He was also a property owner here in Chula Vista.

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His daughter Patti married David Phair, who became a member of our club. Inhe was elected to the U. Another fine member of that era was Bill Eckardt. Bill was a longtime manager of the Bank of America and was what I would call a hand-shake banker. He was a very quiet gentle man. He did not win and that was politically a loss for the Escorts in Denver Colorado ont. Charles Stream was in the realty insurance business and he represented our area in the California state assembly.

Another prominent individual was Joe Rheim. He became Archdale vages escort of Rohr Aircraft Corporation, a major factor in the lives of the citizens of Chula Vista. One of the big things that happened in the s involved Rohr who at that time employed up to 10, people. A great percentage of them lived in Chula Vista.

Therefore they took part in activities in Chula Vista. Two or three of them served in prominent positions being elected to the city Council by Chula Vista residents.

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They also served on the city of Chula Vista's Planning Commission. Some local folks took offense at that. They thought Rohr was extending too much influence over the city of Chula Vista. In fact they were doing nothing of the sort. Some disgruntled people who may have lost popular elections to these people North Richmond Va escorts up a recall election.

The result was two members of the city Council were recalled. Bob Campbell was one and Jim Hobel was the other. Joe Rheim was not Denver Colorado wonderland escort vindictive man but he was a very clever man.

Over a short period of time he amassed all of the silver dollars he could find from banks throughout the Western United States. Nobody knew what he was doing. One particular Friday afternoon payday, all eight or nine thousand employees of Rohr were paid in those silver dollars. There were merchants literally lugging gunnysacks of silver dollars to the banks. It made a tremendous impression on the citizens of Chula Vista and an impression on business people all over the country. We saw good service by many Rohr employees after that, many of them fine members of our Chula Vista Rotary club.

One of the really great people was Fred Stafford, a farmer who grew celery and vegetables and flowers. He had a Avondale AZ prostitute phone numbers home on Fifth between I and J st. It was a typical lemon orchard farmhouse and still exists.

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Fred watched over their plantings and their farms and took care of them so that they would be there when they came back. He was an incredibly fine man who played tennis all his life. He actually died on a tennis court in Hawaii. Another prominent member of our club was Art Lynds. Art partnered with Robert Tyson and Emale escorts Atlanta Ga. Sco Bonnet was the program and later became a member of the club. This was the largest amount we had ever raised as a club.

Stan McMains was a Chicago Illinois gold club escorts at this time. He was a bakery owner, councilman and bon vivant and man about town. He loved politics. He would hold forth most Wednesdays in his bakery.

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